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CyberSource - Payment Links Generator

CyberSource Payment Links Generator

The all new CyberSource Payment Links Generator is a web application that affords merchants the possibility of generating simple links to receive payment from customers. Customers can pay with their payment cards – VISA-MasterCard CyberSource is a state-of-the-art single payment platform owned by VISA. Powered by advanced AI technology to provide frictionless payment experience for customers.

School Management Sofware

Fully fledged school management software to manage all areas of academia. Financial and non-financial data Student registration report-sheet transcript Class-score sheet results system with automated class ranking Accounting package included Parents can login Different access levels for Headmasters, Accounts, Teachers, Administrators etc Automatic Text Messages (SMS) to parents regarding fee payment and results call for PTA meetings by SMS etc...

Payroll Management Software

Powerful and a locally designed payroll management software for your company. New income tax rates have been beautifully applied SSNIT calculations automated (tier 1 and tier 2) PAYE calculations Provident fund calculations Reports at your finger tips Payslips automatically generated Employees can login to access and print their own payslips Employee Payroll Journal Automatically generated Advance Loan Management and Tracking Compete database of your employees
Church Management Software

Church Management software

Church management software to manage and keep track of members and activities. Tithe Welfare Offering other revenue types expenditure included Complete database of members Add comments and remarks on the file of members Get Welfare and Tithe Defaulters etc..


Your ultra modern, user-friendly and all-inclusive inventory management software for your shops, pharmacy etc. Point of Sale (POS) software.