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Software Development

We give you the most innovative and well curved business solutions at a great cost. A highly qualified and dedicated staff at your disposal giving value for money. We have Employee Payroll Management Software, School Management Software, Church Management Software and a whole lot of enterprise solutions.

Website Development

A successful website should be attractive but easy to read. A fascinating message, together with an immediate understanding. Original content and easily traceable information. WordPress, Joomla, Magento and all other popular Content Management Software Solutions.


Take control of your precious time by taking advantage of our qualified team of developers. Invest your time in other productive activities while we handle other vital tasks of yours. Software development, Website development and maintenance, employee payroll processing and management.

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What else we provide?

Domain Registration and Hosting

Domain registration and value for money hosting plans ranging from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting.

Desktop & Mobile Application Development

Stable apps for all platforms. IOS, Android, Windows, Game Development


Get online presence for your business. We deploy astonishing Electronic Stores for your products and services

Web Portal Dvelopement

We are experts in web portal development, student electronic portals, Job portals, Real Estate, Hospital Management

Check out the all new Cybersource Payment Links Generator. This web application affords merchants the possibility of generating simple links to receive payment from customers. Customers can pay with their payment cards - VISA-MasterCard

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